Being yourself is good

I just love this statement from Toff (I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here). Being yourself is not only good, it's amazing, fabulous and wonderful. We're gifted and magical stardusts. Each of us has a light that's always shining brightly lighting up the way, but sometimes we forget to switch it on. When we do, we often allow someone else to dim it without realising. The more dimmed it gets, the darker it is and when it's dark we can't see so we continue to be in dark wondering, following, lacking in direction, getting lost and way lost we forget how to get back until perhaps something hits us.

Can you relate to this? 

When we're in the dark place, we give freedom for the negative self-talks to have a good old natter, you can almost hear the ego saying 'you can't do that, you're not good enough' and the more you hear it the more you believe. This is the brain that wants to protect us, but it doesn't allow us to grow. We have the ability and responsibility to change the way we think. If we keep thinking the same things, we will get the same result (more or less). The change starts with you. Start asking yourself these questions: 'how long have I been telling the same story? How bored am I with that story? What stopped me from moving from that place? How ready and willing am I to move from that place?'.

Your past does not define you because it's no longer here. You're being called to be in the present moment. The present presents you with a field to infinite possibilities. Be present and enjoy the present.

By being yourself, you can find your true voice that speaks authenticity, the real you expressing who you really are and who you arrived here to be. You may have arrived with a lot of baggage but you won't be the only one. Everyone has a baggage and carries a secret but we shouldn't be ashamed of them because they bring us to where we are today. Feeling and being ashamed is like dishonouring or dismissing ourselves. We should honour our feelings and beings because then we won't allow our baggages and secrets blocking our ways. If we lost our ways, we couldn't be possibly our true authentic selves. And that's really hard work because it feels like we've got to find something external to fulfil our lives. And yet, what we are looking for we already have it inside us.

Forgiving yourself is one of the kindest things you'll ever do to yourself

Start letting go of self-judgment. You're possibly your hardest critic. Why would you criticise yourself? What would you say to the younger version of you? Don't make it easy for someone else to judge you. Instead, make it easy for people to love you by being yourself, accepting who you are and loving yourself. Because then you won't really care what people think of you as you have RECLAIMED your power being YOU. The energy flows when you're being your true self because your vibes speak loud and clear.

So, be the best you can be, care for yourself at the highest level, nurture and nourish your mind, body and spirit so that they're always in alignment.

Being yourself is the most amazing, beautiful and wonderful thing you can ever do. it sets you FREE.


Claryn xx