Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

reconnect with yourself and find balance

hello i’m claryn

I work with smart, caring, and passionate women who are frustrated with work and life imbalance.

I use my passion for well-being, yoga and nature to help them to reconnect with themselves and find balance that will enable them to feel joy and fulfilment.

Do you get a sense that you are being pulled in many directions, lacking focus and feeling exhausted, drained, and overwhelmed?

Is your mind constantly racing and wandering which makes it difficult for you to concentrate?

Are you are worrying about the future which makes it almost impossible for you to be present?

To say that you have got a lot on your plate is an understatement. You feel unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. You may lose confidence and start questioning your self-worth.

Yet you keep telling yourself you must continually push through. You feel you should be doing everything and be available to everyone. Perhaps you can. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

You have high expectations of yourself, as well as feel that it is expected of you - to climb up the career ladder, obtain your Masters or PhD, become the perfect mother, the most amazing wife, the wonderful and loyal friend, and the caring and loving daughter.

This makes you feel lost, unhappy and disconnected from your values and beliefs and yet you most desire for true happiness and fulfilment in everything you do.

Your long to feel

proud, valued, respected, inspired, loved and accepted.

And perhaps more than anything to feel that

You are enough.


The expectations of having it all and being everything have been costing you your own happiness and well-being.

The impacts can manifest in different ways, although they may not be obvious at first.

They may come in the forms of anxiety, depression, other health issues which could develop to chronic illnesses, or may exacerbate existing health conditions and a general feeling of dis-ease.

NOW IS THE opportunity to change things around.  

This is where I step in…

It has always been my passion to encourage growth and support transformation. You can be sure that I will use the best of my ability to guide and support you in your desire of fulfilling life and well-balanced lifestyle.


I care about how you feel about yourself and I want you to feel good about yourself.

With practical and grounded approach:

I show you how to create a self care practice that is tailored to your specific needs so you can feel good about yourself, have more time and energy and ultimately are be able to give your best and feel confident again.

I guide you to respond to life demands with simple practical steps and minimal efforts.

I guide and support you create a balanced lifestyle that will enhance and enrich your health and well-being so that you can thrive and flourish. 

I provide you with a comprehensive set of tools that will complement your transformation.

So, in other words, I will be

providing you with simple and practical strategies to refocus, reprioritise and reconnect so you can feel calm, present and in balance.

Claryn nicholas

Coach and yoga teacher with an extensive experience working as a neuro-intensive care nurse, health visitor, nurse teacher, mentor and academic tutor. I’m a mum to two beautiful teenage children and a wife to one amazing husband. I have special interest in neurosciences which I use as a foundation in both my coaching and yoga.

a little personal…

A few years ago, I hit a point in my career where I was literally pulled in so many directions in my home and work life. My workload increased significantly at one point and the same time, a family crisis hit. In the midst of this I was also finishing my dissertation for my masters degree. Work and life balance was non-existence. Self-care was difficult.


Something had to give.

I stopped to reflect. I took sanctuary in yoga practice which was the start of the deepening of my spirituality practice. Establishing a spiritual practice enabled me to start reassessing life, discovering what was important and prioritising them.

I began to collect tools and created my own self-care rituals which are now non-negotiable. I decided to invest more in myself, both personally and professionally because I believe it is important for my own development and well-being which subsequently has positive impacts on my family and others I support.


It is possible to find different and new ways of being and doing.

I know because I have done and been through this myself. I continue to evolve and change because I believe as human beings we need to. Self-compassion, authenticity and truthfulness are the values I hold dearly to living a fulfilling life.

When we start releasing the shoulds, the coulds, the musts, we can discover what we need to do to feel good about ourselves. And we can do this without the struggle but with flow and ease.

By making small changes and creating new ways, we can begin to see how the new way of being and doing creates a positive impact in our life.

As a result,

we can enjoy a work and life balance that feels rewarding and fulfilling.

Remember who you are and how you want to feel.


Coaching Programmes

One to One Coaching

One-to-one coaching programme.


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Through my programmes, I can help you:

  • Feel restored to take charge of your life again.

  • Feel revitalised and empowered to take steps towards a happier and more fulfilled life.

  • Manage your time so that you can do less and be more present and enjoy life now.

  • Step into your life role with renewed energy.

As your coach, I will guide and hold space for you to:

  • explore and delve into the root cause of your issues and burdens.

  • understand yourself better so that you can reconnect with yourself and the values that are important to you.

  • find ways and resources to ensure that you can access time for your own self-care routine.

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