Claryn Nicholas Yoga

The connection of the body, the heart and the mind

For me the practice of yoga is making a connection between the body, the heart and the mind through the breath. This connection brings me to the present moment, here and now, it helps me to feel calm, grounded and connected. Yoga is not a practice of attainment; rather it’s an unending process of self-discovery, self-healing and self-transformation.

Yoga enables connection with the self

It is with consistent practice that I continue to develop deeper self-awareness that enables me to transform, evolve and heal.

It is my intention to offer and hold space for you to cultivate your own awareness so that you can connect with the present moment and yourself, and own your own experience.

Balance Nurture Restore

Give yourself permission to unplug so that you can recharge and feel balanced again. Come away from the chaotic world to the sanctuary that yoga can offer.

The focus of your own practice can be whatever you want. Whether it’s for building flexibility and strength or de-stressing and relaxation or all of these. Allow your busy mind to become un-busy and restful. Allow your body to slow down and move mindfully. Allow your breath to became steady and easeful.

Allow your body and mind to reconnect and feel the sense of calmness and peacefulness.

The Hatha Yoga classes have gentle pace with the focus on the static posture, stretching and some basic breathing exercises. 
This class is a good place to work on your own alignment, learn relaxation techniques and become more comfortable with doing the physical practice of yoga (asana) whilst building strength and flexibility.

Yin Yoga is a relatively modern style of yoga. It has much slower pace, gentle and more passive. The poses are held longer and the focus is on deeper tissues of the body and stimulating the internal organs. Yin yoga is a practice that is yielding, allowing and nourishing. It allows self-enquiry, increases our awareness and enables us to become more accepting. As a result it helps us to gain peace and contentment in our lives.

In both Hatha and Yin yoga practices, there are always opportunities to build from as the practice becomes stronger and steadier. The transition or flow from posture to posture with the focus on strength, openness, stillness, deeper awareness and breath will become a natural progression.

Restorative Yoga has been described as ‘a practice for our time’. It is a nourishing practice that promotes critical rest. Relaxation is the antidote to stress. To relax is to rest deeply (Hanson Lasater, 2011). Relaxation supports us to maintain our physical and mental health. To help you rest deeply, we use many props in Restorative Yoga to provide a totally supportive environment for absolute relaxation.

All of my classes will start with a short guided meditation in order to help you relaxed and settled on your mat. This will be followed by gentle movements to start the physical practice and explore the possibilities of each yoga posture that it brings. All classes will close with deep relaxation.

YOGA : Timetable and Booking

Hatha yoga


09.15 - 10.15 The Wild Orange in Corby Glen*

11.30 - 12.45am Dunsby Village Hall

Drop in: £10

Block of 6 classes: £55


9.30 - 10.45am Dunsby Village Hall

6.05 - 7.20pm Dunsby Village Hall

Drop in: £10

Block of 6 classes: £55



8.00 - 9.00am The Wild Orange in Corby Glen*

Drop in: £10

Block of 6 classes: £55

(No class on Saturday 12th October 2019)


Yin/Restorative Yoga


7.00 - 8.00pm The Wild Orange in Corby Glen*

Drop in: £10

Block of 6 classes: £55


Last updated 17th September 2019

There will be NO classes in the week beginning of:

27th July | 5th August | 21st Oct | 16th December

*No classes at the Wild Orange during the summer holiday. Classes resume in the week beginning of 2nd September 2019.