Imagine how incredible it will be to:

  • become part of a supportive community who will support and encourage you to lead a life that is more purposeful, joyful and in balance.

  • experience positive energy, motivation and inspiration towards realising your well-being aspiration and dream life.

  • start reconnecting with yourself and focusing on you, so you can liberate yourself from the habits that no longer serve to the ones that drive you towards your extraordinary and purposeful life.


Each level of your transformation requires you to simply SHOW UP.

What you can look forward to when doors open

on the 1st November 2019


To the powerful coaching inside the private Facebook community The Well-Balanced Women Society where you can ask questions, connect with other members and share your progress. I will also be following the conversations and sharing my thoughts, insights and ideas.

Hear from me LIVE every week

These will include me hosting Q&A calls, as well as training and coaching where I will share her personal lessons with you. These will be recorded and available for you to watch in your own time to ensure you don't miss out on anything.


The core resource worksheets and recordings plus monthly additions designed to support you in this process.

PLUS these amazing bonuses:

BONUS #1: The monthly HOTSEAT

You'll have the opportunity to volunteer for a deep dive, laser focused coaching session directly with me. These sessions are designed to bring you the clarity you need to take firm actions and implement the new habits. I'll work with 3-4 volunteers on every call, so whether you're in the hotseat or just observing, you can be sure to learn lots.  

BONUS #2: Additional Q&A sessions

On top of our monthly coaching calls, I'll also host Q&A sessions to help you work through any quick questions you have. These calls will cover a wide range of topics and you'll gain tremendous insight through the questions your fellow members ask. These calls are designed to deliver energetic drive that will inspire you to take actions.  

BONUS #3: Weekly accountability sessions

To help you tackle any challenges you may have that could potentially get you side-tracked from reaching your wellbeing goals and dream life.

Bonus #4 RISK FREE membership

If you need to cancel your membership for whatever reason, simply drop us an email and we will process your cancellation. 

We Look Forward To Welcoming You To This Amazing Community And Supporting Your Journey Towards Your Well-Being Aspiration and Dream Life.



Claryn - The Calm Coach

Everything that I built is geared up towards inspiring women to become empowered and leaders of their own lives. It lights me up when I see how women light themselves up and discover their true self that has been hidden but is always there and begin discovering what is truly possible for them so that they can lead meaningful, purposeful and joyful lives.

With dedication to life-long learning and equipped with extensive experiences being a working mother, wife, business owner and a previous long career in the health profession, I share my passion, insights, lessons and wisdom with you who are ready, willing and committed to transforming your wellbeing and life.

Experience first hand how I coach with NO OBLIGATION

No contracts or monthly commitments. Cancel Anytime.

What Clients Say About Me

Claryn’s energy is patient and warm, and she is insightful and wise. I attended one of her inspiring workshops recently which gave me a lot of thing about! She is a good listener...and isn’t that exactly what you want in a coach? A good coach gives you the confidence to make change!



Claryn’s warmth, kindness and patience immediately puts you at ease. Her ability to listen, non-judgemental approach and excellent advice gives you the confidence and reassurance needed empowering you to make the changes to move forward to the life you deserve. I would highly recommend Claryn as a coach



Claryn is an amazing inspiration for me. She helped me to understand myself a little better. There is no blablabla. Her coaching is just really clear and open and moves you to another level. I love talking to her! I can really recommend her as a coach



Claryn is a good listener, her feedback emails after each session summarise everything in detail and they are very useful to read and reflect on when needed. Claryn followed up in between sessions to see how I was going which I liked. Her sessions are about you coming to your own conclusions with her as your guide. I would definitely recommend Claryn if you are a little bit stuck with life, need some nudging or generally need some guidance on your health and wellbeing


I found your approach very useful; you listened well and I felt that you heard me.

You have a good strategy mindset so you can dig into questions and help the coachee ie me come up with wise solutions. I felt you have a nice calm voice which is easy to open up to. You summarised what I said very well and again that made me feel listened to. I thought approach was great and I’ve come out with quite a few aha moments. Big thank you.


We Look Forward To Welcoming You To This Amazing Community And Supporting Your Journey Towards Your Well-Being Aspiration and Dream Life.