Forgiveness sets you free

In order to move forward with your life, you have to forgive things that happened in your past and begin to let it go. It can be difficult to forgive when you've been really hurt. But I do believe forgiveness really sets you free because it gives your power back. Keeping anger and resentment inside you is toxic for your soul. By forgiving others, you're forgiving yourself too as you're giving permission to yourself to move on as you let go of those who no longer serve you. Can you see how this gives your power back? I felt the force to write a piece of forgiveness this morning after having yet another week of muddle as a way of releasing the tensions that had built up this week which drained my energy. I was not intending to publish it but I feel the need to as I wanted to share with you the positive impact it has in releasing all the negative emotions and energy and to encourage you to do the same when you're ready. But ready or not, just start writing. It feels empowering for me as it's freed up my energy to reclaim and activate my power again.

So, here goes....

I forgive my past life for giving me an unhappy and difficult childhood, for my mother who made me unhappy and feel scared of her most of the time because, looking back, she was probably scared herself, unhappy and frustrated and didn't know what to do or how to express her unmet needs that she had to be like 'that'. I forgive those people who slapped me across my face, ridicule, bully, make fun of, hurt, lied to, used, stole from me and broke my heart. Because without them I wouldn't be where I am today.

I forgive myself for being difficult, defensive, stubborn, hard, selfish, moody, ungrateful and at times difficult to love because I didn't love myself and felt unworthy of deserving and receiving pure love. I forgive myself for allowing those people to make me feel like that. I forgive myself for being suspicious and thinking the worst of people when they rejected me because I had to protect my heart for being hurt and I thought I had to be strong and hard so I could prevent from hurting. I forgive myself for wanting to fit in and be accepted to have a sense of belongings because I couldn't accept myself and express who I was, where I was from and what I was made of. 

I forgive myself for being unkind to myself when I denied help, love, attention and support offered to me. I forgive myself for all the bad things I did as a child because I wanted to be accepted and what other people had. I forgive myself for not believing in me. MOST of all, I forgive myself for not accepting and loving myself.

Without all those experiences, I would not have been where I am today, sitting in my kitchen, in my warm beautiful country home writing this and feeling such immense gratitude and blessing that fills my heart chambers to the brim and overflowing. It has taught me self-compassion, dignity, respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity, and the greatest of all, LOVE. It has taught me to be independent, driven and determined to always do my best to get what I want. It has led me to define my soul purpose in life. For that I AM so incredibly BLESSED and GRATEFUL.

Lots of light and love

Claryn xxx