When juggling too many balls.....

Almost all of us working mums do not escape juggling jobs, home and kids. A social life becomes a non-existence for many. My social life involves a sofa and a book or binge-watching something on TV whatever-is-on-at-the-time sort of watching. We are BUSY, ladies, and it is often hard-going as we struggle to juggle all of those balls up in the air and at the same time feeling content and fulfilled with it all.

The good news is that I’m pretty adept at self-care. But the not so good news is that sometimes I don’t do what I preach. Without making excuses, I’m human and I’m not perfect. However, the better news is that I recognise the signs when I need to jump back on the self-care wagon. That is by reviewing my basic needs – whether they are met or not and my boundaries. For me they are my most vital ingredients to feeling vibrant. Because I never want to revert to how I was before – feeling unhealthy and not so good about myself and how this impacted on my family, relationships and work.

A recent vitality retreat ran by One of many highlighted an area that needed an immediate action – that was to address my on-going skin and gut issues which were closely linked. I have since taken a couple of tests and am now awaiting results. This retreat has been a great reminder that when you address something, it has a ripple effect. Using this example, whilst awaiting for the test results, I have started looking into my diets again and different ways of changing things that I can weave into my already busy schedule. This has also required me to look into everything that’s happening in and around me.  Mindfulness and consciousness come to mind. To cut a long story short, even with little changes, the effect is already positive for me, my family and my work.

This has been a powerful reminder that I needed to review my commitment and always keep a close eye on how my body feels and give myself permission to switch off, rest and relax. There needs to be a balance in everything, without balance things can go wrong, our health suffers for example.

As always, the intention for my posts is always to help, guide and remind you to prioritise yourself and your needs. Take control before control controls you. Slowing down, taking a break, and resting isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. Asking for help is a strength.

Self-care is always an on-going process, it’s a great habit to get into, like brushing your teeth. I’m sharing what’s working for me at the moment. The emphasis is the ‘process’ and not a destination. It’s a process that supports you to get to your destination, wherever it may be. It becomes an anchor. The ebb and flow of life requires more of us sometimes and we can only give our best when we are at our best.

So let me invite you now to review your commitment and self-care schedule. If you have any problems around this, feel free to reach out and I’ll be more than happy to chat with you.