Do you often dream about having a calm, peaceful, organised and balanced life?

An everyday life that feels in order with you being in control, confident and feeling calm?

An everyday life where you can be ‘there’ and present for your family and have meaningful connection with them?

An everyday life where at the end of the day you have a sense of satisfaction?

I see you and I get you!

But ….

You find yourself adding more on your To Do list.

You keep saying Yes to people asking you to do extra things.

You feel resentful and frustrated so you shout at your kids, argue with your partner, and then feel guilty.

You feel exhausted because all you seem to do is catch up on things and the jobs are never done.

You don’t sleep well and you feel low in energy, so you comfort eat.

It really doesn’t have to be like this. And my heart breaks when I hear that women like you make a lot of sacrifices for others and end up suffering themselves. Because you will end up getting ill, feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

I don’t want that for you because this suffering is not needed and you don’t need to make these sacrifices.

So, can we talk?


I’m claryn

and I am a health coach and yoga teacher who help busy working mums like you find focus and calm in your everyday life.

I really believe that anything is possible including finding different and new ways of being and doing.

I know because I have done and been through this myself and I love to help you transform your life so that you can feel happier and more fulfilled.

When we start releasing the shoulds, the coulds, the musts, we can discover what we need to do to feel good about ourselves. And we can do this without the struggle but with flow and ease.

I love to help you making step-by-step changes that will help bring a positive impact in a sustainable way.

As a result,

you can enjoy a work and life balance that feels rewarding and fulfilling.

I practice a holistic approach..

for my own health and well-being as I understand the importance to maintain a healthy yet realistic approach in keeping well. Through self-care rituals I ensure that my basic needs are met and that my boundaries are in place.

And I want the same for you too. For you to put your needs as a priority.

I work with you to reconnect you with your needs, taking into account all other areas in your life.

Equipped with new and fresh perspectives, practical tools and strategies you can feel confident to step up to the next level of your life with renewed energy, clarity and focus.

Having vast and extensive experiences as a nurse, health visitor, nurse mentor and teacher and commitment to lifelong learning, I’ve been able to integrate a lot of the knowledge and skills in my coaching and yoga teaching to give you the best experience of my offerings.

If you are looking for extra support to begin making some changes in your life and for your health, I’d love you to join me in my Facebook group The Calm Space.

My membership programme The Well Balanced Women Society will be launched on the 1st November 2019. Click here to find out more and to be on the wait list to receive the progress and updates.

Or, if you are ready and want to make these changes now, we can explore and go deeper now, so just book in a complementary coaching session with me.


What you said

Claryn’s energy is patient and warm, and she is insightful and wise. I attended one of her inspiring workshops recently which gave me a lot of thing about! She is a good listener...and isn’t that exactly what you want in a coach? A good coach gives you the confidence to make change!
— Alison
Claryn’s warmth, kindness and patience immediately puts you at ease. Her ability to listen, non-judgemental approach and excellent advice gives you the confidence and reassurance needed empowering you to make the changes to move forward to the life you deserve. I would highly recommend Claryn as a coach
— Sallie
Claryn is an amazing inspiration for me. She helped me to understand myself a little better. There is no blablabla. Her coaching is just really clear and open and moves you to another level. I love talking to her! I can really recommend her as a coach
— Lea
Claryn is a good listener, her feedback emails after each session summarise everything in detail and they are very useful to read and reflect on when needed. Claryn followed up in between sessions to see how I was going which I liked. Her sessions are about you coming to your own conclusions with her as your guide. I would definitely recommend Claryn if you are a little bit stuck with life, need some nudging or generally need some guidance on your health and wellbeing
— Hannah
I found your approach very useful; you listened well and I felt that you heard me.

You have a good strategy mindset so you can dig into questions and help the coachee ie me come up with wise solutions. I felt you have a nice calm voice which is easy to open up to. You summarised what I said very well and again that made me feel listened to. I thought approach was great and I’ve come out with quite a few aha moments. Big thank you.
— Elizabeth